Madras Day or Chennai Day?25/08/2010

Celebrations for the Madras Day have begun with a  bang, I observed to my husband  who was engrossed  in reading the day’s news.

Though Madras has been renamed as Chennai, we still seem to be calling it Madras Day, and not Chennai Day, I  said.

I am glad that someone thought of reviving the old name, observed he.

Old name with ‘new values and culture of the west’, what juxtaposition! I don’t know whether to feel happy about this “coexistence”, I said.

Well, what’s wrong with the new values and culture? We should learn to adopt ourselves to the changing times, simple, don’t you think so, he said.

No, I don’t think it is as simple as it sounds. People’s attitudes to their fellow human beings seem to be changing for the worse even faster than western fashions, I lamented.

Well, we can’t help that because people will change no matter what the city is called, he said.

Now you talk sense. I am just wondering if by chance Chennai is called Madras once again will it be celebrated as ‘Madras Day’ or ‘Chennai Day’, I said.

Neither .It will be called  “nama nattu poranda naal”, he quipped.

His answer  left me foxed!

n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “Madras Day or Chennai Day?25/08/2010

  1. Professor V.Raghavan

    Madras Week is getting bigger and bigger. At the end of a hard day’s work, I used to sneak out to see some selected programs.

    On Sunday 15 August, Sivssankari (Tamil writer) was at her best in talking off-hand. Just a couple of examples, all relating to her life in T Nagar as a teenager: CM Kamaraj’s house was just opposite to hers. Not a single policeman around the CM house. If CM happened to spot her as he moved in or out, he used to wind down the window glass and say “Hello, Ponnu!”!
    In her school, one girl ran away with the peon. They finally traced her near Arsikere in Karnataka and brought her back. The biggest laugh was when some one in the audience wanted to know what happened to the peon.

    V Sriram’s talk on Crazy Madras was crazy indeed. He showed a slide of a signboard in a Madras shop, which read:

    Men’s collection

    Sriram quipped: Panchali had enough collection of men!

    The dance presentation by Gayathri Balagurunathan and P T Narendran on Vazhi Nadai Chindu telling the story of a couple who walked in 1915 from George Town to Mylapore and all that they saw all the way and finally ended up at the famous 63 Nayanmar’s Festival at Kapali.. Very original presentation!

  2. meera rao

    I am glad the piece brought back your pleasant memories of the birthday celebrations of good old Madras. Now events have increased manifold but making it to them has become an ordeal-thanks to the traffic snarls.

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