Is Chennai an exception?04/08/2010

Chennai has changed a lot these past years, it seems to be a happening city, beamed my cousin who came down from Calcutta .

Aye, that’s something nice to hear, especially from someone like you, I said. 

What do you mean by that? 

Well, you always thought we were a conservative lot, didn’t you, I said. 

By the way, what have you been doing this past one month, did you catch up with your buddies ? I asked.

Oh, yes, that’s how I’ve been able to observe the change. I ‘ve had a wonderful time right from day one, visiting all the new eating places , shopping malls and seeing movies,good ,bad and indifferent , he beamed.

Have you been to the Book stores as well ? I asked remembering his love for books.

Oh, yes, I did last evening and purchased a dictionary which was quite expensive. When the salesman was about to bill it, I had asked him to open it just to check if the CD was in place, and imagine our shock when he did, he said.

Was the CD missing, I asked, not too surprised though.

The salesperson and I never thought book lovers who were supposed to be educated could be expert thieves, stealing something from right under his nose! I thought  Chennaiites were better behaved, he said.

I think stealing has no geographical barriers, I observed remembering  how we tourists lost our valuables while on a tour of Europe.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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