How I changed my Style Statement? 16/08/2010

It all started with the prescription of the Orthopedic to take an X-Ray of my C-Spine  when I consulted  him for pain in the neck. 

You know my wife is on the computer  most of the time, butted in my husband even as  I was explaining  my problem to the doctor.    

Well, I expected that would be the cause of her problem, he promptly  concurred  as he was examining me ,asking me to turn my neck side ways, front ways and back ways.

He prescribed muscle relaxants and calcium  tablets and asked me to come back with the X-Ray  in a couple of days.

What  I thought would be a simple procedure turned out to be nerve racking experience  to say the least.

We  walked into one of the popular  centres where the board displayed :  X-RAY, E.C.G ,SCAN  and  LAB that  was   nearest  to our house and after removing our foot wear as it was mandatory, showed the prescription to the young lady at the Reception. She turned the paper back and forth and asked us whether the doctor had asked for a scan or an X-Ray. I said  I knew what I meant   to which she replied that they had  facilities only for  a Scan. When I pointed out that  the Board  outside  included X-RAY  among others   in bold type, she coolly said  they had  stopped  offering this  facility  “Then why don’t  you remove it from the board”,  I said.

I know  we  should was her indifferent reply.

Next we  went to another such centre and found there was no power and were informed  that we  had to wait indefinitely. At  the third  place we visited, we were met with the same luck as the technician had just then left.

After loitering around  we went back to the one we visited earlier.  To our luck the power had been restored and  I was summoned into the X-Ray room. Take off your chain, earings, pins and any other metal objects, the technician literally bellowed  into my ear.  I promptly obeyed  and deposited  them safely in my handbag.

Two  X-Rays will cost you rs.500/, is it o.k.? he said.

I thought  his query could have  sounded  a little more polite.

Please go ahead, I  replied.

He asked me to stand in front of a tall stand with my forehead touching it which I did.

Don’t move  till I check the picture, he ordered.

I  had no alternative though I  felt ridiculous standing there facing the wall till  he gave me his clearance.

It is o.k. he said  to my relief.

Now  leave your hair loose  and get up on this table and lie with your head up facing me,  he  instructed . Though I felt his overpowering presence   was more a disturbance  I  knew I  had to follow his instructions. Then suddenly he went on the other side and started dragging both my legs and I felt he would pull me down, the way he was handling my poor feet.

Do you want me to move down a bit? I asked, “no don’t worry”, he said and mercilessly dragged my legs again as though he was handling a cadaver.

“Don’t shake your head, lie still”  he demanded  and  went about  his job.

Fortunately he was back in a jiffy looking  satisfied and   said I could get off the  table.

Collecting the X-Ray I proceeded to meet my doctor with literally my “hair down ”.

He confirmed  what he had suspected  and it was  indeed a wear and tear of my spine.

“No spending more than 20 minutes in front of the  computer”, he warned. I came home and looked at myself in the mirror and   was pleased at what I saw, I looked  years younger and fashionable with my hair let loose and flowing. I decided that would be my style statement in future. 

n.meera raghavendra rao


3 thoughts on “How I changed my Style Statement? 16/08/2010

  1. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

    I guess the moral of the story you are trying to convey is : Find humour in your life : Instead of complaining about life’s frustrations, try to laugh about them. If something like a cervical spondylosis is so frustrating or depressing, realize that you could always ‘ look back on it and laugh ‘. Perhaps a more proper chair and posture while typing at the computer might have delayed my problem but it is age related. I couldn’t have totally prevented it. I think of how it will sound as a story I could tell my friends. Approaching life in a more mirthful way, l find I am less stressed about negative events. Focussing on the positives (‘ I looked years younger ‘) also helps me in coming to terms with advancing age and its inevitable wear and tear.

  2. meera rao

    well said. I believe in the saying “you count your years if you have nothing else to count” and that one should count one’s blessings instead.

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