The Poor and Magnanimous 08/07/2010

The other day  I was touched by two incidents that took place. The  driver of the cab in which my husband  commutes to his college, stopped to buy some mangoes on the way and offered my husband to take a few from  them.  Though touched by his kind gesture, he politely refused. Immediately, the driver took out a couple and forced him to accept saying, “ Sir, you  are so magnanimous and give me coconuts and mangoes and this is a humble offer from a poor man like me”

My maid  who worked with me for nearly 20 years had become old  and hence shifted to her son’s place in Hosur a few years ago. She makes it a point to visit me whenever she comes to Chennai  and gets a bag full of vegetables  and hands them over to me with a smile. She vehemently refuses when I offer to pay for them, saying  it is a  “small” gesture of love and affection for us  on her part.

The above incidents made me  wonder why  the rich  in our society acquire  the tag “the rich and  Famous.” Probably  they  become famous for the millions they possess and  owning  large scale industries and  contributing their share in building  the economy of the country. They also discharge their social obligations by maintaining charitable institutions and the like. Such people  deserve  to be called  “The Rich and Famous and  Magnanimous”, by virtue of their acts.

But unfortunately we do have  a few in our Chennai society  who are  rich and famous by virtue of the wealth they possess but  certainly are not   magnanimous and the word  seems  to be   unknown  to them  unlike the poor who may not be famous but they are certainly magnanimous.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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