Money power or Mani’s power 14/07/2010

Every  support staff    in the neighbour hood     seem  to love him, no actually adore him.   They would  go out of their way to do anything for him. Infact  they are all at his beck and call. He just has to raise his little finger  and  people  readily  oblige him  without even as much as a murmur  leave alone protest. Clad in a  spotlessly white  veshti  and a cleanly washed half sleeves he  makes his entry  around  eight in the morning with his paraphernalia –a cloth  sling bag     hung on his left shoulder. I always wondered what he has in that bag of his. His day begins  with  a full throated  speech  to his captive audience, constituting  support staff   working in the neighbourhood  ( I  am still to understand  how these people can get away  without their masters noticing their absence from  work for nearly  an hour).   They  gather around him and listen to him in awe, probably wondering at his knowledge  of the political goings on  in the city.  He even makes  guesses about which party would come to power in the forthcoming elections. That’s not all, most of his “working time”  is spent  in  doing  everything else  other than what he is employed  and paid for by the half a dozen residents  in our locality.  He  wears different hats —-that of  a  family counselor,  arbitrator,  confidante, moneylender, errand boy  and what not!     

Well, Mani is our  Watchman, no, a “Dada”, though an employee  seems to have  wormed his way into almost all the employers’ good books,(however with the exception )  with his glib talk  and shrewdness  making  it impossible to dislodge him  from his post.

He seems to have developed a clout of  loyal  supporters who constitute  not only  the support staff  of residents in the colony but   of the   well educated and well placed  residents of the locality  as well!      

Mani power without money   power indeed! What is his secret I wonder?

 n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “Money power or Mani’s power 14/07/2010

  1. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

    Mani power or Money power ….. You have as usual chosen the correct caption/title for this anecdote. Such people have a high IQ and an equally high EQ. They are polymaths with a versatility which is anybody’s envy. If only provided with the right kind of academic & professional education, such people would have ended up as the CEO of a big company. Being a watchman is a very boring job. It is just ok for a person who is a moron. So people with extra skills will naturally try to make their own lives more meaningful by making themselves useful to others.

  2. meera rao

    Well, Mani certainly had the gift of the gab and presence of mind to justify his “action” and a ready explanation whenever he would absent himself from duty and expected us to swallow his tall stories!

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