Elevation and demotion 20/07/2010

If you think elevation in status pertains only to men and women, you are wrong because objects too can increase and decrease in status! Well, don’t think I am talking through my hat because it’s a fact if you are going for a complete sprucing up of your house! 

You don’t have to worry at all, my men will take care of everything, assured the contractor with whom we had entrusted the job of colour washing and painting the house. All that you have to do is tell them where to place your things while they are on the job, he said. 

Day one began with our handing over the bedrooms for them to start work.

Our study doubled up as our bedroom with us sleeping on the floor till such time the bedrooms got ready. I just peeped into one of the bedrooms to see work in progress and the sight shocked me – all the paraphernalia in the wash room suddenly acquired a greater status, taking its place on the cots – the brooms and brushes standing upright in the buckets! I noticed one of the men was weighing himself on my weighing machine! Even before I could confront him, probably he sensed my presence because he immediately announced his weight as though I was waiting to hear it! What temerity, I thought! All that I could tell him was to wipe off his lime dipped footprints on my immaculately preserved weighing machine. 

Next I peeped into my second bedroom and was horrified at the sight it presented – in contrast to the elevated status acquired by the washroom paraphernalia, the things here had suffered a total demotion – the television was brought down from the table it was placed on and a few paint tins proudly took its place. Though I seethed with anger I couldn’t help wondering at the irony of fate.

I dreaded to enter the dining room and the kitchen but when I saw the refrigerator was left alone without being disturbed from its place, I breathed a sigh of relief. But suddenly I noticed something strange, instead of the stabilizer which was kept on the unit, I found a bulky bag. When enquired, I was informed by one of the men that it was his lunch bag! The dining chairs occupied the dining table from one end to another.

The kitchen was a total mess, to say the least. All my electrical gadgets which occupied the granite platform were bundled in a guny bag and kept on the gas ovens which again were brought down from their respective places to make way for the painters to do their job!

The drawing room I thought could beat even the most creative of persons hollow – all my wall hangings were in reverse positions (the argument was it was done so as not to damage the pictures) and my expensive sofa set was turned upside down. Why? Because this way the upholstery would be safe!

My study was the last to be handed over for the job to be carried out. The men had one look at the book shelves and suggested, amma, why don’t  you  give away all these books to the paperwala? 

I told them since it was a treasure that I most treasure in my life, I would rather see to it that it didn’t suffer any demotion in status. 

Now do you agree that even objects can be elevated or demoted in status?

N Meera Raghavendra Rao


5 thoughts on “Elevation and demotion 20/07/2010

  1. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

    After all those shocks & irritations, I presume the painting work is over and your home looks nice.Those workers never will know the value we place on certain objects. In most of the common households the books belong to the children and after they graduate from school and college and leave the nest, these are given away to the paperwala. Only lawyers, tax consultants, medical consultants, professors and writers like you, will have reference books and certain fiction and non-fiction literature in their shelves.

    These painters might be going to more common households than the ones like yours. Hence their suggestion. But I confess, if I were to be one of those workers, I would certainly have pilfered some of the titles from your shelf. I am sure you and your husband have a valuable collection.

  2. meera rao

    The temptation to pilfer some of the titles should motivate you and Prema to make a trip to Chennai. Ofcourse ,you can certainly browse through our “collection” and Prema can meet her friends ,including me.

  3. Geeta Santhosh

    Many a times madam. Not just during painting sessions.

    I have a cook who generally cooks for us in her own mechanical way. When I have to cook on the days she is on leave or when some guests are coming or when I want to cook just like that; I have tough time finding various ingredients.

    My cook simply does not understand the logic of keeping things in place and I wonder how she finds them back day after day.

    So I arrange them in order – what is required daily in more accessible places and so on… then get around to that task in question.
    Only to find them at different corners next time i want to cook.

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