Oh, those pets!

I just can’t understand people’s love for their pets, which crosses boundaries of all kind. I have known people having a soft corner for their own tribe but never knew they exhibited unrequited love for their pets and expected the same from their visitors as well towards these canines. “Rani is a very friendly  pet  and  he  loves people,”  said my friend seeing me shrink at the sight of  her Alsatian  which  looked more like a hunter dog than a pet. The creature came towards me and began sniffing me all over and suddenly stood on its hind legs and made an attempt to lick my face! I almost fell backwards  in fright  at his “friendly” gesture  and narrowly escaped  hitting  my head against the wall behind when to my relief my friend called  the pet away. Rani reluctantly obeyed his master to my relief. 

After composing myself, I asked the question lingering in my mind, as to why my friend gave a male dog a female name.

You see, I always wanted a girl after Prasant was born but it was not to be. So I thought let me atleast call my pet by a female name!

 n.meera raghavendra rao


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