Mobile Maniacs of Chennai

This breed  of MMs  are everywhere, come in all shapes and sizes and gender too. I think the Mobile phone  plays a leveler, doesn’t discriminate between the rich and poor, educated and uneducated, men and women. Like passive smokers we have passive “mobile talkers”, only difference perhaps is the latter don’t inhale polluted air but are forced to suffer in silence most of the time.

The other day while traveling in a cab, I tried to roll down the window pane and found the push button hanging loose. When I asked the driver why it was not repaired, he smiled sheepishly and said, ‘madam, the previous passenger, a  software engineer was meddling with it even as  he was talking on his mobile for nearly half an hour till he reached his office.’

I wondered who ever this passenger was must have been absorbed in two simultaneous activities not bothering   about the damage he was causing to the push button!

You could have complained to the owner, I said.

And lose my job? He lamented.

 I encountered one such MM who happened to sit two seats away from me at a Management meeting. The instrument suddenly came to life with such loud ring tone drawing the attention of everyone around. Unmindful of the distraction he was causing to us the man continued his lengthy   conversation in his   booming voice. When the meeting came to an end I approached him (he was still talking on his mobile) and said I expected better manners from a member of a Management Association and didn’t wait to see his reaction.

Again there is  this  female MM  I encounter in my daily life who has the mobile glued to her ear, perhaps the only time both have a respite is when the female goes to sleep.

There are many more MMs I come across, the percentage is increasing day by day. Go for shopping, you see the salesperson engaged with his caller on the mobile  and ignoring the customer   (who says Customer is God), it is no different  when you visit a clinic, the doctor  displays greater interest in conversing   with his callers  than  giving attention to  his patients.  

 I am waiting for the day when there will not be a need for the announcement in meetings/conferences/seminars which  says: “Please  switch  off your mobiles or put them in silent mode” and the day when customer is really treated like a KING.

I don’t think a mobile is a status symbol  anymore, it is a tool for communication  which is short and crisp and not  a means  for endless conversation.

Is anyone listening?

N.Meera Raghavendra Rao


2 thoughts on “Mobile Maniacs of Chennai

  1. orrvee

    Solution to the mobile problem

    They keep on finding new things to add to the lowly mobile. I wish they will invent something that will shut off all calls after a fixed time. It can work a few times like this. If the person uses it too frequently, it should go dead, like it happens if you keep on entering the wrong password on a bank website. After a penalty week in silent mode, reactivation should be done at a mobile store, where there will naturally be long queues!

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