The Overtaking Syndrome 03/12/2010

I wonder why  people  suffer from an “overtaking syndrome” in all walks of life.  We see  motorists especially the young  breed  whizzing past your car from the left and the right wherever  their car could get a ‘car hold’, thus leaving you  gasping for breath! The  auto drivers are one up  having the advantage of less space to squeeze  their  three wheelers in and be alongside inches  from your car. Once  when our vehicles stopped at a signal, I smiled at a little boy   seated in an auto and   he  spontaneously  stretched out his hand  for a hand shake !

Then we have customers  at Banks jumping the queue, at Billing counters in shops and Supermarkets, at Railway  ticket counters and so on. I thought  people  were afflicted  by  the ‘overtaking syndrome ’ only at the  places mentioned  above  but I was  wrong  as   a recent experience  of ours  proved.  The  meeting at  a Management Association  was  preceded  by  High Tea  and  we  were  the last in the queue  to be served. Even as we were trying to pick up our plates, one  burly figure emerged from nowhere, literally pushed my husband aside, grabbed a plate and started  liberally  serving the eats himself  not  bothering to use the serving spoons   leaving the  hotel staff  nonplussed!

I think such jokers are a real challenge to society.

n.meera raghavendra rao


4 thoughts on “The Overtaking Syndrome 03/12/2010

  1. Professor V.Raghavan

    The only way to prevent overtaking and enforce discipline in queues is to show your thumb to the defaulting person to get back to the end of the queue, with the cooperation of others ahead of you in the queue. I have done this often to scooter riders trying to overtake you at the air filling pump at the petrol station. They will, course, feign ignorance of their folly, but sheepishly get back to the end.

  2. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar.

    You can’t if you have an average looking body size. But if you are Dalip singh Rana ( aka Great Khali), 7’3″ and 420 pounds,now participating in the “Bigg Boss” Reality show on the Colours channel, people will have second thoughts about overtaking/bypassing you at any queue.

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