Could you get a saree with polka dots, asked my husband the moment I returned from shopping (he knew my obsession with polka dots and my determination to pick up one for  my birthday)

Yes, at last, I sighed.

Oh, is this what you call polka dots, he chuckled glancing at my priced possession, sea green dots on a white background.

Don’t you think it’s a beautiful sari, just feel the texture,  it’s so soft, I said. Also, I am sure it will drape well and I will look slim , I added, running my hand on the smooth silk.

I don’t find anything special about the saree you seem to admire so much, he said indifferently.  You are deceiving yourself  when you think a saree  would enhance  the wearer’s figure ,he  said with his usual sarcasm.

That’s the trouble with you men, can’t appreciate anything other than your own clothes which lack variety and design, I said quite disappointed.

You know I had to visit at least half-a-dozen shops to locate  a Polka dots saree of my choice , I said. What’s worse, none of the salesmen understood what I was asking for.

I don’t believe you. It is not such an intricate design that the salesmen found it difficult to understand, he said almost mocking me.

I agree it isn’t. But a couple of them showed me “sungadi” saris and insisted they were polka dots. I found no use arguing with them. In some shops I was amused at their reaction. “Amma, enna sonnige, pulka va?” They thought I was referring to “pulka” that we eat and looked strangely at me as though I had gone off my head.

Then how did you finally manage to pick up the saree which you seem to be so obsessed with? You women have all the patience in the world when it comes to  shopping for  clothes, he  accused.

Well, I found it in a boutique at last and it cost me a fortune, I said, quietly removing the price tag when I noticed his gaze turning to someone approaching.

It was my maid who entered and I felt like a deflated balloon.The coincidence was too much for my comfort!

N Meera Raghavendra Rao



4 thoughts on “MY POLKA DOTS SAREE 01/12/2010

  1. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar.

    I guess your maid was wearing exactly the same saree as the one you bought in the boutique. You paid a lot for it. Obviously your maid must have bought her saree at a much lower price. You are convinced that the boutique overcharged you. My sympathies. Life sucks ! Had a good laugh though.

  2. congratulations on your find, its always a relief when you find the saree you are looking for. You are lucky to have the shops to hand, most of my shopping is restricted to the internet.

    Check out my blog

      1. Tell me about it. When I have the time (and the money) I take a trip in to London and visit Ealing road in Wembley, there are lots of saree shops. Every time I have been I have been so overwhelmed with choice, especially in the larger stores, but I always find what I need in a smaller shop. I find in the UK you can not buy a saree with out having an occasion a wedding for example, if you just say, “because I want one” they look at you like your nuts!

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