My three “clients”

Have you had any one coming to consult you? Asked my husband soon after returning  from his luncheon meeting.

Oh, yes  three of them, one after another, I said bubbling with enthusiasm.

That means your  Marriage Counselling Centre has really taken off, I am very glad for you,  he  said  happiness writ all over his face.

Tell me, what were their problems? He wanted to know

All marital ones as expected, I said. Anyway, I am not expected to reveal all that they confided, I said.

Now you do sound like a true Counsellor, I am sure your venture will be successful as you too can keep secrets of others, he observed.

That’s the first  requirement  of the profession, is it not? I  said  feeling proud of myself.

O.K.  just  give me a clue regarding  their problem, I am sure I can guess the rest, he goaded.

Come on. Don’t try to extract information from me, you will not get any, I  asserted.

You know I also met  a few of my friends after a long long time, he said.

Any one I know?

Yes, I think you do, he said.

There must have been a lot of catching up, I guess, I said.

Yes ofcourse, unfortunately  listening to them was not a pleasant experience, he rued.

Did  they confide in you, of all persons, I said stressing on you.

Why not? You know I am a good listener unlike you, he shot back.

Agreed, why don’t you give me a clue of  the nature of their problems?

Oh, they all seem to have a common problem,  with their respective wives. In fact they want  to divorce them  and sought my advice  as to what they should do.

I hope you didn’t  tell them to go ahead, I asked concerned.

Don’t bother about my advice to them, tell me  what was your clients’ problem? He sounded too casual.

What a coincidence !  I said.

By the way  did they  reveal  their husbands’ names? He asked.

Yes they did, but I am not going to revel them to you, I said with an air of professionalism.

O.K. don’t. I don’t mind revealing the names of my friends, the  “prospective  divorcees”, he said and reeled  of three names.

Oh my, what  a coincidence  again ! I  almost screamed.

I don’t think  it’s a coincidence if  you remember today’s date, he said as cool as a cucumber.

 n.meera raghavendra rao  


2 thoughts on “My three “clients”

  1. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

    Obviously your husband had seen the surnames of the three counselees who consulted you. Maybe they had entered their names in a register, which he had a glimpse of, before he asked you about whether anyone consulted you. ” soon after returning from…” holds the key to this enigma. He had enough time to plan how to fool you.

    You have set up the incongruity very well indeed. This gets resolved only at the end when he hints at the date being “April 1”. Again the joke is on yourself. The most innocuous way of making others laugh. I like the way you write. It is quite realistic.

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