A nostalgic journey

A Film Festival  organized  by the Dignity Foundation, an NGO, between  17th. April-21st April  was indeed an audio- visual  treat  which  brought us memories of yester heroes  and heroines  who won our hearts with their  pristine  looks   and   performances. Out of the five  movies  released during the fifties and sixties  that were screened, unfortunately we could make it  only to  two of them. It was  fun  indeed   watching   the Tamil movie “Kaathalika neramillai”, which had more an entertainment value than any story line   to boast of.  The scene stealers were  Baliah to whom money meant everything in life  and  Nagesh  who engaged  us   with his  great sense of humour ,   “Madhumathi”, a Hindi movie  with a Ghost story and lilting songs, I thought  would  be as captivating  to audiences of  today (of all ages included)  as it was more than  five decades  ago when it was first screened.  It was really spell binding  watching  the pair — Vyjayanthimala and Dilip Kumar  essaying their roles  so effortlessly. What  struck me most  was the contrast, in the way  the female characters  dressed. The  heroine looked   charming and appealing  despite being  dressed from top to toe unlike  today’s over made up and scantily  clothed  female characters, who  despite their “embellishments”  fail to impress the viewers.    

The highlight  of the festival was  the presence of Lakshmi  and the Dhananjayans  as well as Vyjayanthimala and  Y.G.Mahendra. The first two stressed  upon  the importance  of taking care  of senior citizens within the family  and the other speakers  patiently  answered   lengthy questions  posed by  the audience regarding  their  experiences in the celluloid  world.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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