60 seconds chief -Business Line 6th july 2009


One thought on “60 seconds chief -Business Line 6th july 2009

  1. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

    Your answers are very authentic and cannot be doubted. I wonder where such questionnaires are administered and to what purpose. Maybe to test the self-awareness of one’s strengths and limitations, specially for the leaders in an organization.

    Regarding “One definition of values”, you have stated ” a clean mind and conscience”. This is not wrong, but it is an ultimate consequence of living upto your values. The definition from your point of view would be something like ” values are what I consider as more important than other things in life…. like being creative, being a professional, willingness to learn, making it happen instead of letting it happen, avoiding passive entertainment like TV soap operas, taking active care of my body through Yoga, being thrifty instead of being a spend-thrift, maintaining one’s equipoise when others provoke me, the goal of writing a second book”.

    From where did I gather this information ? From your own answers !

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