The Mythologist 30/11/2010

The Mythologist

Vamsee Juluri

Penguin Books


The title of the book is intriguing, so  is  the beginning: AS A CHILD, I was a god.

Now, if only that were true, what a beautiful story my life would have made.

The truth was, I was almost a god.

Almost,  Parashuram.

As I continued reading the novel, I realized it didn’t have much of a story  nor a common running thread. It appeared very ambiguous and vague with  the author’s imagination running wild alternating between the mortal and immortal world. The  protagonist  Parashuram  is taken to America  by AK who stumbles into his life, plays a sisterly role  till the end but his life is not all hunky dory.   There is a mention of the  airplanes crashing into the Twin Towers  and how he is stranded in San Francisco, alone,  paranoid and without a passport.

The author  liberally intersperses  the novel with dialogues in Telugu, his mother tongue, and uses the suffix ‘garu’, (which denotes respect for those   senior to you) while writing about his characters. It is interesting  to find   them   speak English with  a  regional accent. Though the story is not smooth flowing and  is rather  a bit confusing, Vamsee’s  language is and his touch of humour  comes as a redeeming feature  in the novel.

Subsequent to writing  the review  of the book I attended its  release   where  a few  excerpts were read  which was followed by  a lively interaction with the audience.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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