Sentinel House

Sentinel House

Allen Mendonca

Raintree Media  Pvt.Ltd

Bangalore 560025

I picked up a copy of Sentinel  House looking forward to reading  all about the Newspaper business, the men/women  heading   it  and   their art of survival in the face of cut throat competition of today. It  is the story of Harivanshrai kumar, Harry for short  who is the  chairman of Cromwell, Kirby and Jackson   and Editor –in-chief  of the Indian Sentinel. As you  read on you find what a despicable and ruthless character this newspaper baron is, who leads an existence  devoid of values both in his professional and private life.When you  expect  the author to talk more about his journalistic experience  in his book, to the contrary you find an unsavoury  and detailed description   of  the immoral  life  lead by  the protagonist  and  his siblings  which appear repulsive.The saving grace however is his son Siddharth, who has a goal in his life and chooses the right path in achieving it, his handicap notwithstanding.

I did not regret missing the launch of the book.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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