1022 AND ALL THIS 19/10/2010


(An autobiographical  sketch)

Lakshmana Rao Ganti

Green Tel Media




I  wouldn’t call this a book review in the conventional sense  for more than one reason. The foremost being  whenever I  happened to consult  Dr.Vinayaka Rao, who was always clad in  a white pancha kacha  and a loose banian, I  would return with a feeling of well being. I noticed  he  not only  possessed  all the  qualities required for a noble  profession but practiced  them in true letter and spirit.  When  I stumbled on this book written by his son, I was delighted to read  passages written about his father which took me back to  several decades  when I  came to Madras  after my marriage.  Dr. Vinayaka Rao was  our family doctor  and we would consult him even for a mere cold or  slight fever. He would smile  softly  while feeling our pulse and dismiss our ‘ailment’ as  something very trivial. Most times he would prescribe  something very very mild  and advise rest. “Can I have ghee  with rice ?”  I would  would ask adding that  it is not good for my weight. ‘You see, avakai and pachadi tastes good only if it is had with a little ghee’ he would say.

The second reason  is unlike in a book review  which has only one or two direct quotes  of the author  included, this  piece of mine  will have extensive reproductions from the text  where  the author talks  about his father  Dr.Ganti Vinayaka Rao, thus giving the reader a peep into his personality, his  principles and the way  he adhered to them  till the end of his life with the help of a supportive wife.

“ My father Ganti Vinayaka Rao was born in kartika Bahula Tadiya, Novenber 8, 1903.  After finishing High School in Rajamundry, he studied B.A.(chemistry) in Presidency College. He joined  Madras Medical College after his B.A. and got his MBBS degree in 1928—-He got  his DGO  and  later a post graduate degree M.D. in Obstetrics and Gynecology in 1945.——-He was one of the   early  Telugu doctors with an MBBS degree and perhaps the first Telugu doctor  with an M.D. in the whole of Madras city. He set up private practice in 1933 and continued his practice till his death in 1984.He did not submit a bill for his services in his long practice of more than fifty years. He did not receive any money from most of  his patients, including  most of the konaseema dravida families in Madras. So far as I know only  two konaseema dravidas paid  him on a regular basis for his services.” ‘He lived in full measure  to Hippocrates Oath “with purity and holiness I will pass my life and practice my art’. …..Even when he came to know that people were exploiting his good nature he would not deviate from his resolution of not submitting  a  bill   for treating the patients…..Nana would visit  patients at their houses on his bicycle  even though they did not pay any money.”

In the rest  of the book  Ganti  describes his life both on and off work in India, Europe and the U.S. 1022  indicates   the year his ancestors  migrated to Rajamundry in Andhra Pradesh  from Velangaman  in Thanjavur district. The book is sure to create a nostalgia  in  many hailing  from the above two regions and help to reconnect  with  the subsequent generations.


n.meera raghavendra rao



2 thoughts on “1022 AND ALL THIS 19/10/2010

  1. Subrahmanyam

    I met an employee of an oil company in Abudhabi.UAE who praised Dr Vinayaka Rao for his dedication but thought that the doctor was RMP probably because of his simplicity eventhough the doctor was the first telugu to obtain MD in Gynecology in 1945

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