Why the tearing hurry? 26/11/2013

All are equal before  the law is an oft quoted golden rule, more in theory than in practice especially so in the Indian context. A lie oft repeated becomes the truth is again a maxim with our people. So also is forgetting and forgiving people for  faults committed consciously or unconsciously. However, I feel  when it comes to forgetting and forgiving, we cannot  wholly attribute  to loss of memory due to aging as it is  the case of  loss of hearing  but  can  compare the two   to  Selective hearing  which has nothing to do with one’s age! I have ample evidence  of this phenomenon  and am still to understand  what causes Selective forgetting and forgiving where  mostly the pleasant  incidents and experiences are quickly forgotten and the negative  and unpleasant ones remembered for posterity adding to our misery. So also it is when it comes to forgiving people  for their  commissions and omissions.

In this context I would like to mention, we should not  forget Viswanathan Anand was the world champion of Chess until recently and he will certainly make a comeback in future. Let’s  not  write him off  and  follow suit with the media which focused too much on Sachin’s retirement until he actually chose to call it a Day!


n.meera raghavendra rao 


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