Whose Health? 02/05/2013

The other day one of my friends rang me up and made a frantic plea to come over urgently. As she sounded very sick  which  was evident from her trembling voice, I  rushed post haste canceling my engagements  for the day. She really  looked  weak and feeble, more than that very worried. What’s the matter?  I asked her quite concerned  at her condition.

I have been suffering  for the past few days, she moaned.

Then why didn’t you consult a doctor?

You know I had no energy to drag myself to one. It needs a lot of effort to visit my doctor who lives  quite a distance from here, she said, her voice breaking.

You should have called me much earlier, anyway let’s go now, I said.

Wait, I will bring the medical file, she said and walked to the cupboard with slow steps to bring it.

Come jimmy, she beckoned and there I found  her  German Shepard  as robust as ever soon joining us.

Is he also coming along? I asked  taken aback.

It’s only for him because he has not been eating well from a few days, she said looking  at her pet  with pity.

What about you? Shouldn’t  you be consulting your doctor for your deteriorating health ? I could notice you lost  weight from the last time I saw you, I  told her.

That can wait. I must first consult  Jimmy’s Vet, she avvered!

n.meera raghavendra rao


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