Who are better Face readers 10/05/2013

The other day my grand niece put on a long  face, I could notice her  eye brows were knitted and lines on her forehead looking  very prominent and when I asked whether she was angry with anyone or deep in thought, she immediately said she was imitating her father! Thanking myself   that her father was not anywhere nearby I asked her to imitate her mother.  She immediately smiled sweetly  and her  eyes were dancing with joy. It was truly amazing the way the four year old transformed herself  so instantly.

When I shared this with some friends of mine who owned pets, their faces glowed with happiness and  they went into a tangent  about  how their dogs and cats sensed  their feeling of sorrow and joy and  responded accordingly, even better  than their young children  did.

That set me thinking  as to ‘who’ were the better face readers !


n.meera raghavendra rao


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