Where to relocate? 03/12/2013

Just read  in the papers that France is voted the best place to emigrate, I said  to my husband as a conversation  opener over breakfast.

Well, the country reminds me of your bitter experience while on our tour of Europe,  he frowned.

Yes, it is difficult to erase it from my memory, I agreed. If only my new leather handbag with all the curios I picked up was not lost, I  would have proudly exhibited all  those in my showcase, I  said wistfully.

I  don’t think you should feel too sorry because most of these things are made in China, he mocked. I feel you should  feel really sorry about your new blue leather handbag  you insisted on  buying albeit its exorbitant  price, he complained.

Yes, I do feel guilty  because you paid for it, I  said  stressing on you.

Forget about it, sometimes some lessons prove costly, he said dismissing the episode.

Now, coming to the subject of emigration, where would you like to settle if given I choice? I asked  him.

Emigration doesn’t apply to people like us, it should be only relocation, that too if you are ready for it, he said turning  serious.

O.K. mention one place in India where you would  like us to relocate, I  said  with equal seriousness.

Probably in a small  town like  Machilipatnam, was his prompt reply.

Any particular reason for your choice ? I said.

You know when we were young, the town was called Bunder and even today it is famous for its ‘laddoo’, he said sounding nostalgic.

Is it for the laddoo or the  place you wish to settle there? I asked.

Neither. It’s because the former name of the place constantly reminds me of  how  the ‘mind’ of  a woman  works and you know who I mean, he quipped.


n.meera raghavendra rao



One thought on “Where to relocate? 03/12/2013

  1. Came to visit your blog after reading an article about your latest book on The Hindu…This post definitely reminds me of the place where I grew up and where I would want to visit again. And many of the times it’s because of the delicious food one would get at very reasonable prices:)

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