What is the Right Gift? 24/04/2013

I was in a dilemma  as what to gift  my friend’s daughter for her wedding. She was  literally born with a silver spoon and had  everything  just for the asking, right from  the choicest  designer clothing  to   the accessories not to speak of  the several  branded  handbags and clutch purses.

Why don’t you gift her with a book? Suggested my husband  when I sought his advice.

I don’t  think she  is into reading much, infact she was reluctant to study for her  degree, I said.

What  is the bride groom doing? Does he also hail from an affluent family? asked my husband.

I suppose so because my friend was  very particular that their status  matched, though not the couple’s looks, I said.

Do you mean to say  your friend’s daughter is not good looking? Was his prompt query.

It  means you take it that  the bride groom is handsome, some kind of an Adonis, don’t you? I  snapped.

Well, well, normally  one expects  girls to have  good looks and possibly a fair skin and a slim figure, he  tried to justify  his query.

Why not the same  of a boy, I wonder ?  Unfortunately attitudes  of men  seem to remain the same where looks are still given prime importance, I  lamented.

O.K. you  still haven’t told me  anything about how the bride looks, he  reminded.

Well, slim, sharp featured  and not too fair, I  replied  lowering my voice on the last three words.

Ah, that’s the hitch. From what you say  the girl must be dark, he stressed the adjective.

So what? If a man can be tall, dark and handsome, can’t a girl too be tall, dark and beautiful? I shot back.

Yes, in the  name of equality I agree, he  parried.

Now coming back to  choosing a gift, why don’t you present her  with  a pack of whitening creams, he suggested.

Then I will have to buy two sets, one for the bride groom and another for the bride, besides a  weight reducing gadget for the bride groom, I  said.

From my husband’s expression I  felt  he failed to get the import of my words.

n.meera raghavendra rao     


4 thoughts on “What is the Right Gift? 24/04/2013

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    Nice skit. Parents blessed with a dark-skinned girl will search for a much less dark-skinned or if possible a fair skinned boy and will try to hook him with proper incentives. Their justification is on these lines : we can do little about our own progeny but why not choose a match so that our grand-children will have at least a wheatish complexion.

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