Vow, Miss America is a Telugu girl 16/09/2013

Can you believe  Nina Davuluri, a Telugu girl has been crowned ‘Miss America’ I literally screamed  all excited.

Aye, that’s good news, said my husband who was  watching a movie on television.

I don’t think  there  has been any girl from  South who has bagged a ‘Miss India’ title, I  lamented. In such a scenario in our country, don’t you think it’s very creditable for a girl of Indian origin, winning the title of Miss America’ among several  other contestants, I  gloated.

Well, it only shows the lack of bias or prejudice among the judges, observed my husband.

By the way, how does the girl look? She must be fair with a beautiful face and figure, said he.

You  seem to assume  only the person’s  looks are the criteria for winning a Beauty contest which is wrong. Ms.Davuluri  even according to me came out with the most witty answer which seemed to have impressed the judges, I said feeling very proud  of her confidence and presence of mind.

I am happy for once  brains appear to have scored  over  beauty, conceded my husband albeit reluctantly.

And I am  glad you have been  honest for  once, I  said overjoyed.


n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “Vow, Miss America is a Telugu girl 16/09/2013

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    A symmetrical face & proportionate facial features, fair skin & svelte figure are the things that men usually notice in a woman but women feel that most of these attributes (except the figure) are a result of their genes. A woman’s true worth comes out from the brain she has cultivated, in her academic qualifications, her achievements and her impromptu utterances. Obviously Nina Davaluri has scored over the others in these aspects. You are right. It is a matter of shame that those American Judges are more impartial & unbiased than our Indian Judges.

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