Visiting the unwell 29/08/2013

I would like to begin this post on a personal note. When my mother-in-law was unwell, she welcomed visitors with a smile and literally entertained them  talking about pleasant  times they shared. Her attitude was no different when  our family doctor made a house visit. When he enquired about her health and her complaints, instead of reeling them away, she would  ask about his family and when he insisted on a reply, she would dismiss it by saying she was no exception to the age related health problems. ‘When  they call for attention, I  just choose  to ignore and  now ‘they’ have realized  the futility of repeatedly trying to gain my attention’ she would  say  making the doctor  as well as  all of us laugh.

But  I feel my m-in-law  has been  more an exception in today’s world  where  people  prefer privacy  and solitude during their  sickness, irrespective of  its nature. One should  respect their sentiments  and  leave them alone  as long as they wish  instead of  causing discomfort to them (patients) and embarrassment to themselves as well as to the care givers.


n.meera raghavendra rao    


One thought on “Visiting the unwell 29/08/2013

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    I think your MIL believed in the saying “Smile & the world smiles with you, cry & you cry alone”. She probably wanted to spread joy and not infect others with her depression. It’s the difference between a giving mentality & a grabbing mentality. Difference between giving joy to others & sparing them the effort required in empathy and grabbing attention & feeling entitled to sympathy. Obviously your MIL belonged to the former category. A great soul no doubt.

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