Trail –blazers? 20/06/2013

How did your  meeting at the Ladies club go? Asked my husband soon after I  returned home.

Well, it was o.k, but I was very disappointed that I appeared the odd one out, I said.

Why? I thought your  blouse which you took pains to dezign yourself would have attracted your hep crowd of ladies, he said turning his gaze to my blouse.

Yes it did but I realized it had become out of fashion, that too just in two weeks, I lamented.

Probably your chief guest would have dressed in the latest fashion, having been a film celebrity, he said.

You are right, her sari and ‘blouse’ appeared mismatched which probably is the in thing in the celluloid world, I said.

You mean mix and match? He queried.

I am surprised at your knowledge of  expressions  which I thought were women’s exclusive, I said  not feeling  happy that he knew better  about changing fashions.

That’s why I keep saying you are really out dated on a lot of things, he accused.

Such as?

Don’t worry. I don’t want to dampen your spirits further.

Tell me the theme of your chief guest’s speech, briefly of course, he said.

There was no particular theme. She regretted that there were no followers of trail blazers like her where good acting is concerned, she stressed.

Yes, I totally  agree with her, said my husband. But she seems to have forgotten that today’s film goers’  tastes have changed. They prefer glamour and big names to good  acting, he quipped.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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