Three cheers to my ‘protective shield’ 04/03/2013

If there is a ‘brain storming’ about the uses of a belt, I am sure you can come out with at least three of them which are; it helps to hold your trousers in place; keeps the drivers safe while negotiating bad roads and  it lays  the fears of   air passengers  at rest during turbulent flights. In all  the above instances the wearer does not   have any qualms about the belt  being visible to the onlooker. But this  ‘protective shield’ if I may call it so, has a very important use to a person like me  with back pain and I  have no inhibition whatsoever to flaunt it. Only difference however is, ladies who belonged to an  earlier generation, like my mother and aunts used to wear a waist band  made of 22 carat gold on occasions and would go about without any risk  of it being  stolen. It probably had a double purpose, maintaining the figure besides a display of their affluence.

I run no risk of my belt being stolen, on the other hand I command great respect and enjoy a lot of privileges when I adorn my protective shield. For instance, the tour operators in Pune (on our recent visit)  obliged us by sending  particular models of cars we had requested for and the cabbies would drive  at an even pace. Again   while getting into the coach after alighting from the plane in Chennai, a  passenger promptly vacated his seat for me and  allowed me to exit first and a co passenger helped me  to pull out my heavy suitcase  from the conveyer belt.

Three cheers  to my BELT !


n.meera raghavendra rao


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