Those silly women 04/09/2013

Let me help you with the cutting of vegetables, offered my husband, as soon as he returned from the market.

What do you want me to cut-potatoes, beans or okra? He asked.

Since it was the first time he was entering an unchartered territory, I said he can try cutting the beans for making the vegetable.

Is it for frying?, he asked.

Shocked at his ignorance, I told him one normally doesn’t fry beans when they prepare a side dish to go with rice.

Do I cut it into half an inch pieces? He wished to know.

That would be rather big. Chop the beans into one centi metre pieces, I replied amused at his obsession with precision.

Do you want me to wash the beans first or after cutting? He asked.

Why don’t you use your common sense for once? I said annoyed.

Without further queries he disappeared with the bag ful of beans and the kitchen knife and emerged after some time handing me the cut vegetable.

Thanking him profusely for helping me, I went about preparing the curry.

Aren’t you surprised that I accomplished the task assigned in half the time you normally take, he asked expecting a compliment.

Since I didn’t reply, he went on, ‘you know the secret lies in my choosing the beans with utmost care. Infact Unlike the other two women who were picking up a bunch of beans not bothering to see whether they were curved or straight and shoving into the basket, I meticulously picked up all the straight ones so that it would be easy to bunch them together and chop’, he gloated appearing all excited.

Those silly women had the audacity to talk in whispers that I was finicky about choosing beans. I am sure they would take double the time in chopping all those shapeless beans, he mocked. Apparently they are not aware of the concept of ‘Time Management’, he smirked.

May be you are right, I conceded.

n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “Those silly women 04/09/2013

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    The poor hubby doesn’t realize that the time gained in cutting straight green beans is less than the time lost in selecting the straight ones from curved ones. If this was such a big deal, wouldn’t the home-makers with those many years of experience have discovered it for themselves?!

    1. Apart from the time saved, certainly there is less effort involved in cutting beans that are straight .The home maker is not bothered about the extra time spent because that is the look out of her spouse as he normally does the shopping for vegetables as is the practice in Indian households.

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