The Winner in the competition 12/09/2013

Did your cousin enjoy the lunch you hosted at our favourite hotel? Asked my husband soon after I returned.

Good thing, you didn’t join us  because you would have been bored with her monologue, I said.

What was it about?

Do you expect anything else from these pet owners who love to talk, talk and talk all the time  about their pet  as though it’s the only thing that matters in this world  not only to themselves but to everyone else, I  rued.

Tell me, was there anything special  about this pet of hers? My husband wanted to know.

Well, it appears she has a Pug named  ‘Precious’ and  the whole family just adores him.

Nothing  unusual about that, he laughed.

That’s not all. My cousin noticed  a month or two ago that her Pug was slowing down and was reluctant to exercise and also putting on weight. So she engaged a special trainer  who would come home and   take the Pug on long walks and participate in a running race every day at a fee of 20/ dollars per day, I  said.

That means nearly twelve hundred rs. quickly calculated my husband  looking wonder struck.

Also the Pug was put on a low calorie diet and together with exercise he had lost the extra baggage in a couple of weeks, I  informed  him.

Wonderful. Your cousin would have been very pleased  with the  result, he remarked.

Yes, ofcourse but  certainly not so with her daughter who is very obese and lazy. To motivate her to lose weight she set a competition for the two and promised a very attractive reward  if the girl lost  the same number of pounds as the Pug did within the given time, I said.

Now I can understand  why people with pets are getting more fond of them than they are with their own children. They find it easier to monitor and control  the former compared to  the latter, he quipped.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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