The Three Ps 12/06/2013

Is there anything common among the three Ps, I wondered. Well, there is if we go by  the fast  changing society in our country. The first P hogs the limelight depending upon the clout he/she has, sorry demands or commands. Unlike hitherto reputation need not be earned but purchased, like people do getting  their doctorates, no matter what field of specialization. Again, a person’s background  makes no difference when elected to power because  it is seen as an opportunity to make hay while the sun shines and  people’s interests recede into the background.

The second P is gradually coming into prominence because  there are less hassles involved  and  no conditions  are  laid out.

Now coming to the third  P  we find he/she has come down in hierarchy  and   no longer commands respect  or care once enjoyed which are mainly for selfish reasons  of today’s generation.  But, being an optimist I feel  this P might make a come back and regain  his/her position in the family  if circumstances change like they did in the case of the first P.


n.meera raghavendra rao 


2 thoughts on “The Three Ps 12/06/2013

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    Are the “Three P’s”: live in the PRESENT, live with PURPOSE and live with PASSION ? That is all I know of 3 P’s.

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