The Telangana tangle 01/08/2013

We always believe  it is possible to take an Indian out of India but cannot  take India out of  an Indian  because of his/her affinity to the person’s birth place. Perhaps this analogy can apply to people like me who are born in Hyderabad, lived in  Jamshedpur  for some years before settling down in Madras after marriage.

Even though I have been living in Chennai for the past forty plus years and love the city and its people, I can’t  but  feel a little  unhappy about  the  bifurcation of the  state of   Andhra  Pradesh. While we children were young, people would ask us whether we were mulkis  or non mulkis and  since we didn’t understand the difference we would proudly reply  that we are  Hyderabadis. The state was declared as Vishal Andhra somewhere in the mid fities and only when we noticed a sudden influx  of people  from other parts of the state  we realized it was because they chose to make the city their permanent home. Meanwhile we left  for Jamshedpur  which was till recently in Bihar and  I looked  eagerly forward to my summer vacation to spend it with my cousins in Hyderabad  apart from visiting the famous Salarjung museum and Public Gardens.

Today over the years, the  city of Hyderabad has spread  far and wide with several  High end  colonies (hitherto we had only Banjara Hills as a posh  residential area) shopping malls and hotels coming up at a fast pace  and along with that  an increase in migrants (Hyderabad  figures as the second preference, next to Bangalore) resulting in over-population and the city turning  beyond recognition to a Hyderabadi like me. Whether the Telangana tangle will be untangled  or not, as far as I am concerned they might take out a Hyderabadi from Hyderabad but not Hyderabad from Me!


N.Meera Raghavendra Rao


4 thoughts on “The Telangana tangle 01/08/2013

  1. V Raghavan

    I think it was the NDA, which was responsible for firing the first salvo, by agreeing to the creation of three new states, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand and Chattisgarh. Now the UPA is settling the political score by creating Telangana. Prakasam Garu and Potti Sriramulu , who dreamt of a United Vishal Andhra, would be turning in their graves. Lakhs of Telugu people living in this city would feel sad at this turn of events.

    1. Hitherto Hyderabad was known for its cosmopolitan character .Even today the old timers like the auto and cab drivers still talk in Urdu with passengers and share memories of the days gone by.

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