The Royal Baby 25/07/2013

You seem to have overslept this morning, said my husband even as he was having his coffee.

Well, I stayed up late last night  to have a glimpse at the Royal Baby on TV, I said.

Was Kate’s mother carrying the baby? He asked.

I shook my head.

Then  was it any of her aunts who had the baby in her arms? He wanted to know.

Again I shook my head.

Then was it one of the nurses in the hospital? he said.

No, again  but it was a blood relation  who had the baby in her arms, I replied.

I presume  she  was Kate’s sister, he said  appearing very sure of himself.

Well I don’t know if Kate has a sister or not but certainly William  hasn’t one. Anyway enough of your guessing. You know  Kate Middleton  herself was carrying the baby  on one arm and waving to the crowd with the other, I said .A little later she gave her bundle of joy to her husband  who carried the day old baby with equal  dexterity which I found amazing, I said.

I  don’t find that amazing at all because he too would have been trained in handling a  baby  prior to its arrival. I am just wondering  about  the contrast in  our two cultures and practices, he observed.

Like what? I asked.

First of all, once the baby is born, the child  and its mother are literally quarantined the first few days to avoid the risk of the baby contacting an infection  and the sentimental  do so to avoid  the evil eye. You remember when the whole world waited  with bated breath to have a glimpse of  Aishwarya Rai’s baby, they had to wait for months? he said.

Oh, yes. I do. But don’t you think  there is something common  in both which attracts people? In one we find it’s a  baby belonging to the  Royal family and in the other it’s that of a  Celebrity, I quipped.


n.meera raghavendra rao 


2 thoughts on “The Royal Baby 25/07/2013

  1. V Raghavan

    The first in line of succession is the Queen’s son Prince Charles. Next in line is his son Prince William. The third in line is Baby George. Sorry, womenfolk! You will have to wait a long time, before one of your tribe becomes the monarch!!

    1. Another cultural difference between the two countries is here we would have ‘Kanakabhishekam’ of the great grand parents—especially because it’s a boy!

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