The privileged ‘community’ 19/06/2013

Days we were competing with our fellow beings  seem to be getting over  fast  as they are increasingly being taken over by canines and felines who seem to be enjoying  more  privileges  compared to the former.

It appears Glenn Elin of the Animal World Pet Resort in Australia has built a tennis court for dogs who though can’t play tennis but love chasing tennis balls. Since the court has synthetic grass, Elin has said  dog owners could let their pets out even if it’s raining most of the day, unlike the normal grass that would turn to mud.

Again, models and mannequins might do a ramp walk and  attract window shoppers but  now we have a feline which goes a step further as it is put up with a purpose on social media and is attracting  the attention of tens of thousands of people. The black and white 10 month old kitten with orange eyes is ‘running’ for mayor’s post in Mexico.

I wonder which  other animal would come next to join the privileged community!


n.meera raghavendra rao  


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