The ideal Gift to baby George 29/07/2013

Kate Middleton has followed  the Indian tradition (proof of the Royal family’s Indian connection) by going to her parent’s house along with her baby, I said  while we were having breakfast.

Well, I am happy the young lady is able to have her way, setting a kind of precedent, said my husband.

Wonder how long she will be there? I said.

May be a couple of months, he replied.

Baby George  is really lucky to have received such wonderful gifts from different  countries, I said.

Did India send any? He asked.

I don’t think so. Nevertheless our P.M. has conveyed his congratulations, I said.

Well, that doesn’t cost anything, he grimaced.

O.K. What  according to you would be an ideal gift to the new born? He asked.

Let me think, I said.

I have a  bright idea as  what  we should gift Baby George, said my husband excitedly.

What?  I  said all ears.

Arrange a visa to the best astrologer as soon as possible and send him to London so that  he will cast the baby’s horoscope taking into consideration his Star, Rasi etc. and  give an accurate prediction, he said.

And expect our Government to fund his passage and stay  which means spending money on him?  I asked.

It’s negligible when you think of the headlines the story  would make in the media  in U.K. in the process.

For all I know  it might  not get any media attention at all because to them Indian  connection bears no significance! I quipped.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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