The Engagement 06/12/2013

‘Grandma, this is to invite you and grandpa for my engagement  with  Pranesh. I am sure you both will like him as much as I do. We met at a common friend’s party  in Jaipur and fell in love at first sight. We both have also fallen in love with the Pink city and  have decided  to celebrate the event with a few friends of ours. Hope unlike  Papa and mama  you and grandpa will not have any objection to our getting married  shortly after our engagement, most probably in Delhi where my in laws happen to  live’   read the letter from my grand daughter Sneha.

The first thing that struck me was whether the person Sneha intended marrying belonged to our community because his name gave no clue.

Could he be a Punjabi, Gujerati or a Sindhi? I wondered and  ruled out all the possibilities as the name sounded very South Indian, I concluded. Could he hail from our own community by any chance? Ran my thoughts. Sneha never mentioned his sur name, probably it was deliberate, I felt.

All the same I persuaded my husband  to attend her engagement and  lo and behold, when we did it was a pleasant surprise. Pranesh was none other but  a distant relative of ours whose parents and  Sneha’s parents (my daughter and son-in-law) have snapped  their relationship after not being  on the best of terms over a few decades.

It was obvious that  the two youngsters were not aware of each other’s existence until chance brought them together, I  felt and was happy about their decision.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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