The choice 27/11/2013

Aunty, what are you going to wear for today’s event? Asked my  niece who had already decided  to look her best on the occasion.

Instead of  replying her, I displayed   half a dozen saris of mine for her to choose from.

She started scrutinizing  each one with hawk’s eyes and commenting  on them.

Aunty, this grey sari looks too dowdy, so no no to it.

What about the others? I said.

This  blue is too bright and also I don’t like the dezign, she said placing the sari aside.

Don’t you like this green one? Haven’t you heard the saying, green green, you are a queen? I said looking hopefully at her.

No, certainly not  this shade of green, she asserted.

Why not this yellow, don’t you think it’s beautiful? I said.

I am reminded of the saying, Yellow yellow, you are a dirty fellow, she  laughed.

That leaves only two, maroon and orange, I lamented.

Maroon looks  too oldfashioned  and also dull, she commented. But the blouse surprisingly looks  very  fashionable, she said  admiring  the designer blouse.

Aunty, I feel the orange one is o.k. she approved after a lot of deliberation.

Let me see the  matching  blouse, she said and frowned when she noticed it didn’t look modern enough.

Aunty, the blouse looks so ancient, she scoffed. Don’t you have anything more trendy  to go with the sari? She said.

I shook my head in disappointment.

Aunty, I have a bright idea, let’s go shopping  and pick up a beautiful sari which matches the maroon designer blouse, she suggested.

I  nodded  albeit reluctantly.


n.meera raghavendra rao


One thought on “The choice 27/11/2013

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    This is hilarious! Btw, why don’t fashion designers design a blouse which could match with any saree? Or is there a conspiracy among the matching centres which sell blouse pieces and the tailors who stitch blouses?!

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