The bat and a fan 08/11/2013

You might wonder the connection between a bat and a fan  but I find  there certainly is as both  have their utility value and serve a purpose. The other day when  I  visited a friend, I noticed  a cute little bat placed on  the corner table  along with other show pieces which included a dainty looking  hand fan, the one you find in a Japanese woman’s hand. I immediately fell in love  with these two curios  and enquired  from where she had picked them thinking  they would get the pride of place in my  show case.

They  are not show pieces as you seem to think, the bat is to ward off mosquitoes and the fan is used when the power fails, she informed.

Though a little disappointed  I chose to be practical  and said I had all the more reason  to purchase them as soon as possible because of the mosquito menace in my house and  frequent power failures. After learning where they were available, I  headed straight to the shop she mentioned.

The  two items  were  prominently displayed  right  at the entrance  of the store  and though I  found their price rather exorbitant, purchased  them  without a second thought.

Soon after coming home I assured my husband  that  I found a solution to both the problems we were facing  and  proudly displayed the bat and the  two beautiful hand fans.

When it didn’t take long  to be disillusioned  as both miserably failed to serve any purpose, I  rushed back to my friend  to find out where I had gone wrong.

‘Since you were too much in a hurry  to purchase them ,there was no time to explain how they should be used,’ she said.

How? I asked  eagerly.

‘Whenever  you spot a mosquito, you  just  have to run behind it, bat in hand and chase  until you trap your  victim which will eventually die’ she explained.

What about the fan? I used it just once and all the ‘blades’ have fallen off, I complained.

‘Probably you didn’t use it properly. The right way to use it is to hold the fan in your hand in front of your face and  fan yourself by turning your head   to the right and left,’ she  said.

I realized displaying  the curios in my show case was a better option than following my friend’s absurd advice!

n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “The bat and a fan 08/11/2013

  1. V Raghavan

    The mosquito bat reminds of a joke we used to hear as children. The use of a powder to get rid of mosquitoes works like this. You catch the mosquito, tickle him and as he laughs, put the powder in his mouth! He will be finished instantly!!

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