‘Thair saadam’ to Pizzas to —- 22/08/2013

The  new chennaiite has transformed  herself/himself in many ways, especially in respect of food  and sartorial   preferences and  more importantly in the choice of  a life partner. Chinese and Thai restaurants have become the favourite haunt of youngsters with their once preferred Italian  pizza  taking a back seat .Similarly ,the   salwar kamiz which reigned  supreme for decades  among college goers is out having been replaced with jeans and t-shirts. Unfortunately, young men have not much of a choice ,all that they could do was to switch over  from  collared shirts to T shirts.

Coming to the choice of  life partners, the new chennaiite  brands any one traditional or conventional as a ‘thair saadam case’ and  prefers to wait either for a ‘pizza case’ or  even  a ‘Mexican case’ to come along to claim his/her hand.

I wonder where does all this leave the ‘old’ chennaiite like me?

n. meera raghavendra rao


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