Spewing Venom! 25/11/2013

What’s the latest news? Asked my husband  soon after I returned from my morning walk.

Have you seen anyone  spewing venom  without any provocation? I  said.

Probably the person  must have been a sworn enemy in his last avatar. Anyway, whom are you referring to?  laughed my husband.

Listen, I am serious. I can’t  say for sure about his or my last avatar but don’t wish even my worst enemy to experience  such animosity, I asserted.

Oh, so, it is you who met with someone’s atrocious behavior. I can understand  why you are upset, he said pitying me.

Not only upset, the  fierce way  he stared   at  me   was enough to make me take to my heels, I said recalling  the venomous look in his eyes.

Who has frightened you so much? I thought it was the other way round, he teased.

Enough of your unwarranted jokes. If only you had been in my place, you would  stop taking your walk  in our  lane, I  told him.

Why, isn’t the lane safe anymore?

Not anymore because our new neighbour’s  dog  thinks he and his master  are  sole owners  of the lane and all the others are encroachers, I  complained.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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