Some Alcohol please 26/08/2013

Where do I get some alcohol? I asked my husband.

I am the last person to know because I am a teetotaler, he replied looking aghast at me.

Soon he composed himself and said  jokingly, ‘I hope you don’t want to try the hard drink yourself.’

Well, for all you know as the saying goes it is never too late to learn, it’s also never too late to begin, I said.

But I thought  all along  you were against smoking and drinking. Why this sudden interest  in getting ‘some alcohol’, he reiterated .

Why don’t you get some for me, atleast half a litre, I pleaded.

Not until you tell me the reason, he insisted.

I need it for a new recipe  my friend suggested, I said.

Are you  going to try it out on me? He asked  appearing shocked.

No, don’t worry, certainly not on you  because you don’t have any problem, I said.

Which means you are going to be your own guinea pig, he  guffawed.

Well, yes,  I  said.

And  suffer the consequences. If you ask me, I advise you not to get tempted by anything at this age, he warned.

Don’t worry. My recipe is not for consumption but for application to ward off  the buzzing creatures  which  hover around me and bite me with vengeance, I  assured  and  noticed the relief  on his face!


n.meera raghavendra rao


3 thoughts on “Some Alcohol please 26/08/2013

  1. Jayanthi

    Hi Madam, I am reading with interest your crisp blogs.
    Please elaborate on how to get rid of mosquitoes using alcohol?Thank you.

  2. V.N.K.Kumar

    Had heard about lemon juice & rind rubbed on our exposed skin repelling mosquitoes. Odomas is based on that principle. But alcohol rubbed on the skin warding them off is news to me. Perhaps when the insect bites & sucks your blood it also sucks the alcohol, gets drowsy and falls off and gets crushed with your body movements.

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