Shopping for Rice cooker 18/04/2013

I was in a dilemma  seeing the different models of Rice cookers in the store and I couldn’t decide which one to purchase, I said  over  breakfast with my children and nephew  who came from the U.S. to spend  a few weeks with us before taking up his new assignment  there.

I  thought you had your mind set on replacing your old  electric Rice cooker with a similar new one, said my husband   looking   puzzled at my indecisiveness.

Well, yes, that was my intention when I set out for shopping  last evening, I said.

Then what made you  change your mind? he asked.

As I said, I never expected  the store would be stacked with numerous models of different sizes, the minimum size appears to be just the right one for a single individual. Infact  the  sales girl  was trying to convince me of its various uses and advantages, I said.

Well, it certainly would have looked very cute, you should have picked it up, said  he  with a   very pleased expression.

Yes, I should have, now that you think so.

I could have used it to boil vegetables or cook dhal, I  said  regretting  for my indecisiveness.

You could have atleast  bought the Rice cooker, similar to the one we have, it would have saved you another visit  to the store, he  rued.

You know, another  reason for not buying one was I was debating between the advantages  the electric cooker and the pressure cooker had, I said trying to explain the reason  for not  making my purchase.

Aunty, I feel  you should have bought the pressure cooker, what ever its model and size, because you know why? Said my  nephew who was  silent until then.

Why? I asked  quite surprised  to see   him joining  in  our conversation.

You know aunty,  ideas usually generate in the U.S. and are promptly picked up by the rest of the world, more so by India  but in the case of this kitchen gadget it seems to be the reverse, he said  looking pointedly at each of us.

We were at a loss to  know   what was going on in his mind  from his expression !

n.meera raghavendra rao 


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