Shopping Day? 28/10/2013

We seem to have Days for parents, friends, lovers, elders, workers etc. but no Day is allocated for Shopping, I observed, while we were having breakfast.  Shopping for what? Asked my husband  making a crackling sound while biting into  his toast.

That’s  a great  idea, screamed my grandson  who had not yet begun to have his breakfast.

I bit my tongue for my faux pas but it was too late.

Grandma, I have a very good suggestion. I think unlike all the Days you mentioned which come just once a year, A Day for Shopping should be  reserved once a week, so that I can buy lots of clothes, he averred.

Well, that’s  being very ambitious my boy  because  your father would have to earn  hundred times the amount  if you have to shop every week, I said.

But grandma, even without having a Shopping Day, my mother and her mother do go on a shopping spree almost every week, commented the fellow.

Well, yes we do but that’s shopping for the house, like purchasing vegetables and replenishing groceries, I  explained. Also you must remember they don’t occupy permanent space as mounds of clothes do, I  argued.

The boy thought for a while and said, ‘yes grandma, I agree with you but I can always make space for the new clothes by giving away the old ones for charity as they would anyway have gone out of fashion,  he suggested.

Your suggestion  seems to come with a ‘price’ and  have you realized it’s your father who ‘pays’ for  it, I  pointed .

Grandma, when you come out with a great idea, it s important that it should be implemented and I would be the first to do so, insisted  the boy.

For the second time I regretted making  a faux pas!


n.meera raghavendra rao


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