Secret of adding weight 02/08/2013

The other day  a friend of mine I  ran into at a mall  looked at me with disbelief and literally  gasped  with shock. Couldn’t believe it was you, she stammered.

Have I changed beyond recognition? I said. Is it for the better or worse? I added.

Well, sort of, she replied.

What do you mean? The change you notice perhaps  is my graying hair and a few wrinkles, I said.

No not just that. I see you have lost a lot of weight. I was just wondering  the secret behind it, she said atlast.

Oh, so that’s  the difference  you notice in me. To be honest, I haven’t lost that much weight, perhaps just a couple of kilos, I informed.

Well, I feel it’s the other way with you. When I saw you last, you were quite slim and trim, I said  trying to be diplomatic about the multiplication of kilos on her.

I see what you mean, she giggled.

Now, let me know the secret  behind the addition, I  asked a little hesitantly.

Don’t you find it funny when people spontaneously comment if one loses weight but not so when it’s the reverse?  She said still laughing.

Very true. May be because in the first case it is meant as a compliment and in the other more a ‘complaint’ I  said in the same vein.

O.K. now let’s exchange the secret, she reminded.

You first, I said.

I have engaged a cook  for the past few years and  she is extremely good in her job. She makes excellent  stuffed parathas  and ghee roasts.  I just can’t resist the ‘pal koas’ and  ‘badushas’ she turns out in a jiffy, she said  all in one breath which  made  my mouth water.

What about you? Would you  like to engage her? She offered noticing my expression.

I appreciate  you for that, but no thanks. I  realize  it is easier to add  but harder to subtract, I  quipped  and left before she could tempt me with her magnanimous gesture.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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