Second Innings? 10/06/2013

The term ‘second innings’ doesn’t seem to confine itself to cricket alone but  to  many other things in  life. When a divorcee marries for the second time people wish the person all luck and happiness in his/her second innings. Now the media is full of NRN’s  second innings when the founder of  Infosys  has risen  like a phoenix not only to restore the image of the company but also bring back the status as a Leader in the Software industry. Only time will tell with the two generations working with a common objective, one with the advantage of practical knowledge  at the helm of affairs assisted by a professionally qualified son. The media will be watching  their every move, especially that of the youngster who wanted to know from the Prime Minister at a dinner hosted by his father in Bombay, what the government proposed to do so that young men like him could come back to India. Now that he is back where he belongs, all eyes and ears will be focused on the pair, more so on him  as their approach to issues relating to business and attitude to their employees is likely to be different despite a common goal.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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