Searching for a Balding head 25/12/2013

The music season is in full swing in Chennai drawing crowds  as usual more to the canteens than  to concerts. The audience is a mix comprising rasikas  who are  well versed in the intricacies of the art  and ‘rasikas’ who  may not claim any knowledge but appreciate  the art irrespective of the  caliber of the musician. They are justified  in attending  concerts  because they  believe ignorance is bliss but the  heartening  side is  they  add to the statistics where the musicians can take pride in  performing to a full house and rejoice in the ovation that comes by.

I must confess we belong to the second category, however with a brighter side to it which is, a  liberal dose of  pretence added to justify our presence in the first row. The free concerts during the day has again a judicious mix of audience, some snoring away in airconditioned comfort unmindful of  the neighbours  who  resign to their ‘fate’ of having them by their side. They console themselves that it’s better compared to someone talking on their mobile!

It was one of those days when I decided to join  my  husband  a couple of hours later during the day concert and  found it difficult to  locate where he was sitting in the large auditorium that was packed to the brim. I searched and searched from a vantage point, looking out for a balding head but  realized there were dozens of them in the audience and surprisingly all looking alike. Probably there is some consistency and uniformity in the stages of baldness, I thought.

I decided to wait until the concert was over and the audience were heading towards the canteen for their tea  but  failed to spot my husband in the crowd.

I  next  walked towards the canteen and there he was at the ticket counter  collecting two coupons for coffee looking sheepishly at me! I realized  it was easy for him to locate a red head than me  identifying a balding head amidst several similar others!

n.meera raghavendra rao


4 thoughts on “Searching for a Balding head 25/12/2013

  1. V Raghavan

    There is an advantage in a bald head sitting in the row in front, as the head does not much obstruct your vision of the artists! I would hate to have a head like that of the cricket star Ishant Sharma in the front row. If that happens, you might as well close your eyes and pretend to listen intently!!

    1. Past few days I have been listening to concerts with my eyes closed (not for the reason you think) and found ‘rasikas’ tripping over my feet and the ones in the rear knocking off my hairdo and not having the courtesy to apologize!

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