Sculpture or real? 16/12/2013

What  do you think was the most memorable part of our trip to Jaipur and Delhi?  Asked my husband  once  we were back in Chennai .

A lot of   exciting things, I said.

Such as, he prompted.

Well, visit to  the Amber Fort  for one thing, the workmanship of the crafts men inside this tourist  attraction was absolutely breath taking, don’t you think? I said.

More than that, we should give credit for preserving  this historical monument in its pristine form, he observed.

Wasn’t  the ride on the elephant  to the Fort adventurous? he said.

It certainly was but I got the scare of my life whenever the elephant veered SKMBT_C45041090805222towards the boundary wall and halted for a brief moment, I  said recollecting the experience.

Me too, and  for a second I thought the hapless elephant which looked quite advanced in age  was bearing down  under our weight, he said sounding very sympathetic.

I don’t think so, because when I looked around I found  there were others like us, so there  is  no need to feel guilty, I assured  him.

By  the way, you know our maid wished to see the photographs of our trip and  became nostalgic when she saw the picture of the TajMahal and I was quite surprised when she told me the name of the king who built it and  in whose memory it was built, I  said feeling proud of my maid’s general knowledge.

Did you show the  photos of our elephant ride? He asked laughing.

Well, I did and after peering closely at them she said, ‘amma, is the elephant you and aiyya are sitting on, real or a sculpture like the one we find in Mahabalpuram?’


n.meera raghavendra rao


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