Scapegoats galore 22/07/2013

Whoever said ‘A bad workman quarrels with his tools’ can’t be more right especially in the Indian context. The  bad and inefficient  workman blames  his tools for a bad job he has done  knowing fully well the tools cannot turn back to defend themselves, despite becoming a scapegoat. What I am not able to understand  is why we tend to look for scapegoats  all our life. The student who performs badly in his/her exam blames the teachers for not having  taught the subject well. A  timid husband blames his wife for lack of his confidence  and assertiveness  and vice versa. The children blame their parent/parents for  turning out to be  misfits in their careers and  their boss becomes a scapegoat if  they fail to reach the top and so the blame game goes on and the ball is kept  rolling till the end of our lives. In doing so, we overlook the fact  that History tends to repeat itself!


n.meera raghavendra rao


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