Right to criticize? 27/09/2013

Aunty, when we are a Democratic country and have a right to Expression, why can’t  we have a Right to criticize also? asked my niece soon after my great aunt left after visiting us.

Preeti, we all know criticism just for the sake of criticism is not healthy, so we should try to abstain as far as possible, I said knowing the reason for her question. She detested one of my great aunts who always criticized Preeti the way she dressed and  spoke.

I don’t agree with you at all, said the girl vehemently shaking her head. I think some revel in finding fault  thinking they are perfect and faultless, she spluttered. For that matter   this great aunt of ‘yours’ has never a good word  for anyone, she observed.

Well, the world is made up of all kinds of people and we may take to some for what ever reason and dislike others. Unfortunately as the cliché goes we can choose our friends but not our relatives, I reminded.

Isn’t there another cliché which says, People in glass houses cannot throw stones? Preeti shot back.

Very true but don’t  you think we are fortunate that we have only one person in our midst as an example of the cliché? I  pointed.

Ah, that’s looking at the positive side and you are well known for being a very positive person, Preeti  laughed. But we are not lucky where our Leaders and people in high places are concerned who are out to indulge in a ‘Blame Game’ not bothered about the country or its people, rued Preeti.

I am afraid  by the time you complete your degree in Political Science, you will completely be disillusioned as you will realize the dichotomy between theory and practice! I  said and Preeti’s face was devoid of any expression!


n.meera raghavendra rao 


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