Q and A training programme 18/07/2013

How was your Q and A  training programme? Asked my husband soon after I returned  from the whole day training  programme   conducted by one of the professional  organizations in the city.

Wonderful, I said.

Has it been  practical  too? He  queried.

Yes, I  think so, I parried.

Tell me briefly  the gems  you have learnt which you are not already aware of. I thought your tribe is  always good at asking questions, mostly incisive ones, he teased.

Yes, That’s true but  you forget that we are not good  at answering them with equal aplomb, I confessed.

That’s  because it is always easy to ask questions  of all kind and difficult to answer them  and like charity it  begins at home, he smirked.

Very true. You are the one who asks a lot of  inconvenient questions and expect me to give candid answers, I said querulously.

Well, don’t you think you should have a taste of your own medicine atleast in a home situation ,however bitter it is? He smirked.

Now you understand why I was keen on attending  this programme  despite its high fee? I said.

O.K. I concede your point. Since  you are already good at asking questions befitting your profession, here after I expect you to give relevant and truthful answers to me, he said.

But I’m  afraid  you will have to wait until I attend the second part of the  programme ,which is on the  following week. It will  deal exclusively as to how one should  Answer  questions—good, bad and ugly, I  informed.

I feel from what you say the programme  is geared more to suit the requirements of  politicians. I will not be surprised  if   the resource persons train you  to excel in the art of  evading answers as a prelude to you folks joining politics, he sneered.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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