Pets in the news 11/06/2013

I feel next to politicians pets are very much in the news for their acts of bravery  carried out with a great amount of  sensitivity. The other day I read about a pet dog which risked its life to save a couple of children from being hit by a speeding vehicle. In the process  a major part of its face was chafed off and its owner had plastic surgery done on him. The pet is out of the hospital  after eight months of treatment and he  received a glorious home coming  from  his master/mistress.

Here in our country, it’s heartening that  pets as well as street dogs rescuing small babies from garbage bins and carrying them to safety makes news (though not headlines) but the irony is their concern for humans cannot be matched with that of the rulers of our country who hog the headlines for all the wrong reasons!


n.meera raghavendra rao


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