Night wear and home wear 28/08/2013

Speaking about  the book on AngloIndians at its launch, the former M.P. referred to the nightie  becoming popular today among women as they  find it convenient  to wear  both  at home as well as when they step out on errands. Probably  this attire of multiple use has originated and passed down from  the AngloIndian  community which has a 500 year old history in our country. Of late there has been a lot of stress  on mothers expected  to dress  decently when they see their children off to school  which means  they should abstain from the ‘convenient attire’ as it is not considered decent or formal  enough.

Strangely, when they talk about nighties, probably they mean a house coat worn during the day by a house wife or home maker more for convenience and comfort while going about her chores. I think if she does not  switch over to the house coat  during the day from her nightie, I am sure there will be a ‘spill over’ of all kinds of food  when she goes to bed! High time  they make this important difference between a nightie which is another name for a night gown  and a house coat  worn specifically during the day.


n.meera raghavendra rao 


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