New meanings urgently needed 17/05/2013

When I read  in the newspaper that  a missing dog was traced after his photograph was posted on FB, I thought  idioms  related to canines(which are unfortunately negative in nature)  should  acquire a new meaning   so as to command greater respect in society, perhaps even more than human beings.

For instance ‘It’s a  dog’s life’ should come to mean ‘a life of  Roses.’

‘Dog days’ should mean  ‘Vacation days’

‘Every dog  has its day’  should mean ‘ Lucky as a dog.’

‘Fighting like cats and dogs’ should  mean ‘ A fight between equals.’

‘Dog in the manger’ should mean  ‘ Competitive spirit’

‘Dog eat dog’ should mean ‘A very practical approach in today’s world’

‘A dog’s breakfast’ should mean ‘Important meetings’

‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ should mean ‘ Rich experience’

‘Go to dogs’ should mean ‘ A better future.’

‘Let sleeping dogs lie’ should mean ‘ Wake up call’

However there are two exceptions to these new meanings  of mine:

‘A dog and pony show’ can be practiced  even today if you wish to succeed in life!

‘ In the dog house’ applies to people who abuse their  power  all over the world.

n.meera raghavendra rao 


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